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Hitting The Links: Mullet Power Edition

Fist bumps for everyone.
Fist bumps for everyone.

It's Friday and we have four more years of Adam McQuaid's fantastic mullet to look forward to (as posted in the comments yesterday, he really should have a no-haircut clause built into that contract). What could be better?

Bruins News: 
  • Not to be outdone by all this McQuaid contract talk, Johnny Boychuk got himself a job, too - as the Edmonton Indy's Grand Marshal. [Journal]
  • Here are McQuaid's contract details. I don't know about you, but to me this seems like a pretty good steal. [Globe]
  • Here's an old article on Zach McKelvie, in case you're wondering who he is and why you may only have heard his name in passing. [AOL]
  • Brian Ferlin was invited to World Juniors camp. It's going to be radically different watching the WJC as a Bruins fan this year; last year we had zero prospects in the tournament. This year we could potentially have Volden (Norway), Spooner (Canada) and Knight and Ferlin (USA). All in all, not too shabby. [USA Hockey]
  • Certain radio networks in the Boston area are whining about ratings, because certain networks are jealous of 98.5's success, it seems. [Globe]
  • Providence's opponents for next year were officially announced yesterday. [PBruins]

NHL News:

  • Stamkos watch, day 30-something: yeah, nothing. Martin St. Louis talks about the season, instead. [Fox]
  • Sidney Crosby started on-ice workouts recently. And there was much rejoicing in the Steel City. [PGH Live]
  • When you don't win the Cup, the offseason is long. The Blackhawks are having a really fun time remembering this, this summer. [Tribune]
  • Cam Janssen is taking his skills back to Jersey after the Devils traded Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblonde. Really I just wanted to write Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblonde. He was fun to watch in Lowell a few years ago. [PHT]
  • Justin Bourne on why people tape their hockey sticks certain ways. Fun. [Puck Daddy]

Non-hockey link of the day:

  • I am obsessed with this TV show. You guys should check it out. Or, laugh at me for being a nerd. Whatevs. [History]