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Bruins Player Report Cards 2010-11: Rich Peverley

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Grade B

Rich Peverely was a mystery when he arrived on the Bruins at the trading deadline. Though he wasn’t greeted with the same cynical skepticism that Chris Kelly was the former Atlanta Thrasher  gave no real indication as to what he was going to bring to the Bruins lineup.

That quickly changed once spring arrived.

Peverley solidified the third line and quickly distinguished himself from the precious holder of the post, Blake Wheeler. Where Wheeler was frustrating and soft, Peverley, with his speed and willingness to shoot, was a breath of fresh air.
In his 59 games with the Thrashers Peverly had 34 points playing close to 20 minutes a night. The prevailing thought would be that he would add some scoring depth and continue to produce despite his reduced role.

Though his seven points through the last 23 games of the season was quiet he truly shined in the playoffs. His 12 points ranked ninth among the Bruins but what was truly important was his versatility and his 
willingness to shoot the puck. Whether it was playing on the third line or filling in for Nathan Horton for the final stretch against the Canucks Peverley performed admirably.

His speed and willingness to shoot created the rebound that won game four against Montreal and scored the early goal against a shaken Roberto Loungo the game after losing Horton. 

With Michael Ryder now gone it will be interesting to see whether Peverley will be asked to fill that more offensive role. Though he did well on the third line his time with David Krejci proved that he most definitely benefits from more skilled teammates. 

Wherever he lines up next season he has already proven that he can produce wherever he is needed. It may not be flashy or consistent but it comes whenever it’s needed.