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Bruins Player Report Cards 2010-11: Johnny Boychuk

Grade: B

Johnny Boychuk slowed from his 09-10 rookie season, at times looking like a fish out of water on the ice. Boychuk broke his arm just six games into the regular season and missed four weeks as a result. Throughout the season though, Boychuk brought a strong physical presence, especially when paired with Andrew Ference. By the regular season's end, Boychuk tallied 16 points in 69 games

Boychuk shined in Philadelphia. Stuck in a 1-1 tie during Game 4, Michael Ryder passed the puck to Boychuk from the left circle, where Boychuk sent one of his famous "Johnny Rockets" as Jack Edwards called it, sailing past Sergei Bobrovsky that would serve as the game-winner in their 5-1 victory.

However, as great as he could be, Boychuk was just plain awful at times. The 6'5" defenseman's worst moment of the post-season was during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Boychuk was on the ice for all five goals against, and was twice outworked by Steve Downie and Martin St. Louis, leading to their respective goals both times.

A clean player by all means, Boychuk unintentionally dished out injury in the latter half of the playoffs. In Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Boychuk was set to send another puck behind the net - and it likely would have done just that - when Steven Stamkos took the slapshot to the face, shattering his nose. In a bizarre turn of events, during the Stanley Cup Finals, Boychuk got caught in a tangle with Vancouver's Mason Raymond that unfortunately resulted in a spinal injury on a clean play.

To be blunt, Boychuk was inconsistent, but never failed to make up for his mistakes. If he can gain some confidence, we could see more of the Boychuk from that Game 4 in October.