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Hitting The Links: Partying, Partying, YEAH! Edition

Yes, it'll be hotter than parade day. Yuck.
Yes, it'll be hotter than parade day. Yuck.

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down know what, I'm sorry. Forget I did that.

Seriously though it's the weekend and there's a heat wave coming through that's supposed to be a killer. Check on your elderly friends and make sure everyone stays hydrated (if you're going to the DVD party at the Fours today, I recommend that you mix in a water or two around all the Harpoons). Stay safe and have fun out there.

Bruins News:
  1. David Krejci and Tomas Kaberle's days with the Cup seemed to go well. Go watch Krejci Cup-bomb Kabby, and then check out the other interviews on this page as well. [NHL]
  2. Dennis Seidenberg's had a more interesting career so far than most people realize. [CSNNE]
  3. Today's Zdeno Chara's day with the Cup. [Bruins]
  4. Here's a cool piece on Garrett Breton, a Corporal who was honored with the 8-spoked salute this year. [NEHJ]
  5. There are Bruins fans in Quebec, and they are insane. A few of them are holding a Cup rally, hosted by a guy who runs a Bruins-centric fan store about an hour west of Montreal. Brave souls. [TVA Nouvelles]


NHL News:

  • Brandon Dubinsky, aka that guy who Just For Men'd his mustache in the playoffs, signed a 4-year extension yesterday. I mean, really, check out the picture. [WSJ]
  • A Thrashers fan speaks on the Predators' ticket marketing scheme. [TtB]
  • Predators defenseman Francois Bouillon isn't doing well with his post-concussion syndrome. It's not quite the hot button issue this offseason, but people should still be aware of it. [PHT]
  • Evgeni Malkin can stickhandle. This should surprise no one. [NHL]
  • Doc Emrick, voice of the Devils, has moved on to strictly Versus/NBC games. [NYT]
  • Derek Boogaard's brother was arrested on drug charges yesterday. [Star-Tribune]

Non-hockey link of the day:

This seems appropriate. [The F*cking Weather]