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Weekend Links: Winnipeg Gets A Logo, A Sad Day In The Boogaard Family



If you're reading this, it's safe to assume one of two things: you either (unlike me) have air conditioning, or (like me) can't find your way to the nearest pool.

It's a sweaty, sticky weekend in New England, for sure, but while the sun can warm our skin, nothing can warm our hearts like Winnipeg, which - because its PR team doesn't like fielding questions - unveiled its new logo and lettering Friday afternoon at 5 PM. 

Of course, it elicited a bunch of negative reactions, mostly from people saying that it was too much like the Maple Leafs' logo, either in design or in unoriginal intent. 

The PR staff in Winnipeg didn't care, though; they were already out golfing. Speaking of which, your weekend links, complete with a beer link to polish it off:

Bruins News:

  • Kirk Luedeke profiles Alexander Khokhlachev, whom many Bruins fans have already forgotten has a real last name. (Bruins 2011 Draft Watch)
  • Mike O'Connell deserves more than a Buckner-esque legacy in Boston (New England Hockey Journal)
  • What happened on Chara's day with the Cup (Days of Y'Orr)
  • Milan Lucic's 2nd Annual Rock and Jock Softball Event (where this guy got his start a year ago) is scheduled for August 24th. (Rock and Jock Softball)
  • Why the dragged-out Marchand negotiations should scare you (WEEI)
NHL News:
  • Winnipeg reveals new logos (Winnipeg Jets)
  • Lambert does what Lambert does best, arguing that there's no reason Chris Osgood deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. (Puck Daddy)
  • Not NHL, but still relevant, as the CCHA seeks to remain just that. (USCHO)
  • Aaron Boogaard receives two charges related to brother Derek's death (Pro Hockey Talk)
  • Why the past three weeks have been call for another lockout - hey, I didn't write it. (The Checking Line)
Non-Hockey Link of the Weekend:
  • Generation Y is getting old. But that's still kind of awesome, because of stuff like this. 
Beer Link of the Weekend:
  • It may be 102 degrees outside, but if it's never too soon to start thinking about hockey season, it's never too soon to think about fall beer. This (sort-of old) news from A-B and Shock Top should be enough to get you going (Beer News)