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Bruins Player Report Cards 2010-11: David Krejci

Grade: A

Somebody had to step up with the loss of center Marc Savard after his possible career ending concussions and David Krejci was the one to do so. His regular season stats were nothing spectacular, but he did tie fellow linemate Milan Lucic with a respectable 62 point effort to lead the team. Without Krejci this season, who knows what names would be engraved on the Stanley Cup this year.

Krejci's grade should probably be an A-.  I believe we still haven’t seen the best of him. He only had 13 goals during the regular season, one more goal then his entire playoff performance. He has the talent to score 25-30 goals easily, but to do that he needs to shoot the puck more. With that said, it is hard to argue not giving him an A after his post-season performance, he deserves every bit of it.

Krejci quietly lead the league in playoff points. He didn't get the media attention he deserved like Lisa and Maggie Sedin did, but he had the determination to prove otherwise. He recorded a dismal one point during round one against Montreal until Philly woke up a sleeping giant that produced 22 points in 18 games. He recorded a ridiculous 3 consecutive game winning goals against the Flyers while shredding them apart during Boston’s retribution series. No one seems to remember that he had a hat trick during the Eastern Conference Finals either. The more I think about it, it may have been a mirage that never actually happened.

"Boston's Tough Guy" David Krejci ,according to CBC announcer Bob Cole, recorded his first two NHL fights this season with a record of 1-1 in his two bouts. It didn't look very pretty during his scrap against new teammate Benoit Pouliot, but he did get the best of Michael Cammalleri. Cammalleri wouldn't take his helmet off and didn't even connect with a single punch, but Krejci popped him in the mouth with two hard rights. Big deal Cammalleri got the overrated take down, but he also won a cut above his eye and a sore jaw for his troubles.

Expect Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton to have an even more efficient 2011-2012 season alongside Krejci. There were periods where they struggled a bit, but they really made it look easy out there at times. With his talent, Krejci should produce at least 75 points this upcoming season, but with the Stanley Cup above his head and leading the league in post-season points, who am I to complain?