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Hitting The Links: Transatlanticism Edition

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This guy is from Oshawa. True fact.
This guy is from Oshawa. True fact.

From Savonlinna, Finland, to the dirty 'Shwa - the Stanley Cup is about to hit a major change of scenery.

While pictures made Savonlinna, Tuukka Rask's hometown, out to be a cute little place, Oshawa, home of Shawn Thornton, is really more akin to Lowell, Worcester, or New Bedford. It has somewhat of a reputation for being somewhat unpleasant (hence the nickname). It's very industrial, akin to any of the New England mill towns, and is located east of Toronto by about an hour. It's also where Marc Savard played Junior hockey, as a member of the Oshawa Generals.

Regardless of its reputation, though, Oshawa is where the Cup will be today, after a long day of travel yesterday. After the jump, watch Thornton ham it up for NESN and beat up another old Bruins enforcer.

Bruins News:

  • Do you want to watch Thornton beat up P.J. Stock? Duh. [NESN]
  • If signed by the Bruins, which current NHL players would be completely rejected by Black and Gold fans? [THW]
  • Former Bruin Byron Bitz is now a Canuck, as Vancouver strives to be as awesome as signing guys that played here in 2009. [Globe and Mail]
  • A few days old, but Thornton, Brad Marchand, and Andrew Ference shared some of their off ice interests at the DVD party. [NESN]
  • The Bruins are part of the popularized trend of 'playing games out of place.' [NYT]

NHL News:

  • Puck Father ranks the top 25 centers projected to play next year. Patrice Bergeron makes the cut; David Krejci is a near miss. What say you, Chowderians? Personally I think Bergeron should have been ranked at least a few spots higher. [Puck Daddy]
  • I'm not sure what Alex Ovechkin is doing here, but as with everything else 'Ovi' does, it looks hilarious. Funny pictures and video within. [RMNB]
  • The third Boogaard brother makes a statement regarding his younger brother. [Star Tribune]
  • Was partying the reason Jeff Carter and Mike Richards were split up in trades? Dan Gross thinks it's a possibility. [Daily News]
  • Is Nathan MacKinnon the next Sidney Crosby? The similarities between Sid the Kid and this new 15-year-old are a bit scary. [TSN]
  • And just because we like to be fair and balanced regarding junior hockey and college hockey links, here is a piece from a North Dakota site on the perceptions of NCAA hockey in the eyes of the NHL. [Area Voices]

Non-hockey link of the day:

As usual, today's link is what was distracting me while I was trying to make this links post. Here is an interactive scale of the universe. Stumbleupon is evil. [Newgrounds]