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Hitting The Links: #Fancystats Edition

Dan Paille, Flyers killer extraordinaire.
Dan Paille, Flyers killer extraordinaire.

It was brought to my attention yesterday that 0.1% of Cup of Chowder's traffic comes from...Indonesia, that hockey hotbed. Relatedly, it was also brought to my attention that I could have told our esteemed editor Ryan that Indonesia actually IS a hockey hotbed and he'd have believed me. Guess who failed Geography in grade school?

Anyways, today is Daniel Paille's day with the Cup. Welland is so so excited. After the jump, links on that, some other Bruins stuff, and another good "ranking the position" post that we can argue about all day.


Bruins News:
  • Welland welcomes Paille home today. [CKTB]
  • Why you should be more excited about Joe Corvo than you ever were about Tomas Kaberle. [NESN]
  • Thornton's day with the Cup was surprisingly low-key, but he did take the opportunity to troll around Toronto with it. [Bruins]
  • analysts seem pretty happy with Boston's chances to repeat, at least as Northeast Division champs. [NHL]

NHL news:

  • Puck Daddy ranks the top 25 right wingers today. The usual suspects (Corey Perry, Patrick Kane) rule the list, but making it on there is our own Nathan Horton. Seems legit. [Puck Daddy]
  • Nikolai Khabibulin is off to the slammer. [PHT]
  • Kris Draper makes his retirement official, but plants to stay on with the Red Wings in some capacity. RIP, Grind Line. [Freep]
  • So Alexei Yashin might be back? Umm.... [Sporting News]
  • Who are the shootout studs in the NHL? [NHL]
  • A Justin Bourne special: Why killing penalties sucks. [Puck Daddy]
  • Andy Murray has a job, after most recently being replaced by Davis Payne on the Blues' coaching staff. He'll take over at Western Michigan University as head coach. [MLive]

Non-hockey link of the day:

Sepak Takraw is the coolest, hardest sport you will probably never play. Think hands-free volleyball. Yeah. Seriously. [The Post Game]