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Hitting The Links: Peverley's Cup Day Edition

Happy Cup Day, sir!
Happy Cup Day, sir!

Happy Rich Peverley's Day with the Cup, everyone. Today the Cup is off to Guelph, Ontario and the Sleeman Centre, home of the Guelph Storm, Peverley's OHL club. Daniel Paille brought it on a bit of a whirlwind tour around the Niagara area yesterday, even bringing it on a Maid of the Mist boat near the waterfalls - a first for the Cup, apparently.

Aside from the daily Cup shenanigans, not much in Bruins land today. Our friend Dominic Tiano thinks that what is holding up the Brad Marchand contract talks is length, not amount of money, and that while it'll still be a short while until that contract is done, there's a slim chance it could happen this weekend.

After the jump, Cup fun, more rankings post, Khabibulin in pink, and catering further to our Indonesian friends...

Bruins News
  • Paille's Day with the Cup gallery is worth looking at, mostly for the kickass views of Niagara Falls. Having been there, I can tell you it is stunning as hell. [Bruins]
  • The official Bruins story on 'Dan's Day with the Cup' [Bruins]
  • Paille also met with the Mayor of Welland, who declared it 'Dan Paille Day' in that city. [St. Catharines Standard]
  • Rich Peverley is bringing the Cup to Guelph today. I really like the name 'Guelph.' [Mercury]
  • Tyler Seguin will bring the Cup to Toronto. Irony of ironies. He'll be bringing it to his old GTHL arena, where he and his friends are planning a 'game of shinny for the Cup.' Cute. [Star]
  • A Maple Leafs blog ponders the idea of non-Leafs players bringing the Cup to their esteemed city, and what it will be like when they actually win. [HotH]
  • Ain't no fourth line like the Bruins' fourth line because the Bruins' fourth line wins Cups. Truth. [NESN]

NHL News

  • Not quite NHL (and slightly old) but look! There is, in fact, a rink where pickup hockey is played in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. I for one welcome our Southeast Asian friends. The B's are going global! [Jakarta Post]
  • On a sour note, as more and more players decommit from the NCAA to go to Canadian Juniors, the battle between the leagues is getting uglier. Most recently, Michigan's top goalie candidate, John Gibson, decommitted to play for the Kitchener Rangers. [US of Hockey]
  • Mike Richards is pretty OK with getting a new shot in L.A. [Times]
  • Relatedly, Blue Jackets writers are convinced Jeff Carter will find great success in Columbus, despite recent far-flung rumors. [Dispatch]
  • Ray Emery will attend Blackhawks camp on a tryout basis. Could we see him in Rockford next year? [ESPN]
  • Ryan Callahan avoided arbitration, signing in the '11 and a half-th hour.' This is good news for the Rangers, who looked to be inevitably headed for a hearing with their star player. [Times]
  • Nikolai Khabibulin will call Joe Arpaio's Tent City home for 15 days; he'll have to shave his head and wear a pink jumpsuit. Maybe THAT will make you think twice about doing dumb things, sir. [PHT]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • Gonna make fun of the White House on Twitter? Well. They're never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...[Mashable]