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Hitting the links: A quiet Fourth weekend for Boston

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While the rest of the league collectively freaked out about the opening of Free Agency, things in Boston were surprisingly quiet. Charelli signed three guys, two of whom were minor leaguers, and that's that. Michael Ryder, who will almost certainly always receive a warm welcome in Boston, was signed by the Dallas Stars. And Tomas Kaberle is still sitting in limbo for the time being.

After the jump, a link roundup of the weekend.

Bruins News:
  • Mark Divver of the Providence Journal highlights why signing Anton Khudobin and  Trent Whitfield is a really good thing, why letting Boris Valabik, the last piece of the Blake Wheeler/Mark Stuart - Rich Peverley deal, walk isn't a big deal, and a few Hockey East-related notes from around the NHL. [Projo]
  • Benoit in Black and Gold: New Bruin Benoit Pouliot seems happy to be here, at least. [Bruins]

NHL News:

  • Here is a tracker of all the deals that went down over the weekend. []
  • The Globe and Mail thinks that much of the media's coverage of Free Agency day is, well, nonsense. [Globe and Mail]
  • The Minnesota Wild traded Martin Havlat for Dany Heatley last night, and the internet's head collectively exploded. Kind of hard to tell who won this deal; do you go with slightly less production, or a massive headcase? Time will tell. [Star Tribune]
  • Blah blah Brad Richards, blah blah most valuable free agent, blah blah New York Rangers overpaid, lots of money, the end. Thank god that's over. [ESPN]
  • The Panthers signed a LOT of dudes. Here's an analysis of why they could be scary if their team manages to gel. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Speaking of scary southeast teams, Washington's GM appears to be playing this weekend on easy mode. After fleecing the Avalanche for two high draftpicks in exchange for Semyon Varlamov, George McPhee signed netminder Tomas Vokoun to a cool $1.5M/1 year contract. Vokoun is officially making less money than Michael Leighton next season. Highway robbery, GMGM. [Japers]
  • BRIAN BURKE GOT RID OF BRETT LEBDA. (worth reading the comments, if only to laugh pompously at Leafs fans.) [PPP]
  • Max Talbot's contract with the Flyers might not be entirely legal. [Post Gazette]

Non-hockey link of the day:

  • Happy fourth of July. Celebrate by eating lots of barbecue, lighting off fireworks, and reading about this dude and his highly entertaining DIY bee extermination. OH THE BEEMANITY! [Something Awful]