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Hitting the Links: Back to business

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Happy 5th of July!
Happy 5th of July!

Happy Tuesday! After a crazy few days of free agency, the fourth of July was relatively quiet, with only a few minor league deals going down. Thank goodness. Here's hoping none of you blew your hands off with fireworks. To the links!

Bruins News:
  • Adam McQuaid has had quite the year. First he wins the Cup, then he gets to schmooze with royalty back home in P.E.I. [Sun]
  • The Boston Hockey Blog takes a look at Colby Cohen's Cup journey as a Black Ace. [Boston Hockey Blog]
  • Jeremy Jacobs brings the Cup to Yosemite National Park, upping his cool factor by about 100%. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tomas Kaberle is still teamless. Where will he land? [The Faster Times]

Around the NHL:

  • Here's what players remain in Free Agency. [USA]
  • Most of us already think Steve Simmons is a jerkwad for dissing Brian Burke's visit to Afghanistan. Burke's not too happy with him, either. [National Post]
  • Things that suck: being a fan of a team without an owner. [Inside STL]
  • NHL GMs put common sense on hold this Free Agency day. [The Checking Line]

Non-hockey link of the day:

  • Sort of old, but still fun: Actors revisit the roles that made them famous. [Gordon and the Whale]

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