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At Long Last, An Introduction

Many of you have been reading for a lot longer than the last two weeks. To those of you who have stuck around, thanks for sticking with us - I know it's been a bit of a change from what we were all used to, and I'm thrilled that you're still here. To those of you that followed us from Something's Bruin or just jumped on board at the end of the playoff run, thanks for your loyalty.

As promised last week, a long overdue introduction:

Michael Taylor (@MTaylorJ1) -  graduate of Bentley University, this is my first experience with any kind of writing, although I did write my own college football "magazine" in middle school. Favorite Bruins memory is the blur that was the last two months. Favorite Hockey (non-Bruins) Memory the first ever Hockey East Championship game in 1985, Chris Terreri makes 65 saves, Friars beat BC in 2OT, and a 5 year old makes it half way up the glass as fans try to rush the ice. Fun Fact: Finally started playing hockey 6 years ago. 

Nick Sideris (@totheights) - student at Bentley University. I have dabbled with blogging before starting my own Boston College blog, then my own Hockey East blog before, but neither really worked out. My favorite Bruins memory has to be going to game 6 of the 2008 playoffs vs. the Montreal Canadiens. It was an awesome game that I will never forget along with it being the first playoff game that the Bruins won while I was there. My favorite Hockey memory was definitely traveling to Colorado in 2008 with my Dad to watch the BC Eagles win the National Title in 2 blowouts. Fun Fact: Outside of playing hockey, I also love to play golf regularly (when the weather permits here in New England).

Kathryn Uggerholt (@xokathryn_) - A native of Boston, I am currently pursuing a degree in communication studies at Northeastern University. I love hockey on all levels -- CHL, AHL and NHL -- and love to write about it too. I write AHL recaps and Providence Bruins pieces for Something's Bruin and features on the Edmonton Oilers for NHL Hot Stove. My favorite Bruins memory, besides winning them winning the Stanley Cup, is seeing Patrice Bergeron's hat trick in a game against the Senators. My favorite other hockey memory is seeing the Saint John's Sea Dogs become the first team from Atlantic Canada to win the Memorial Cup in 2011. Outside hockey I am music obsessed and have seen Motley Crue in concert six times.

Sarah Connors (@sarah_connors) and yes, I welcome any and all Terminator jokes. I'm a 2008 graduate of Boston University's School of Communication, and currently work as the night editor at a fairly large local newspaper north of Boston. I run Something's Bruin, a Boston hockey blog that focuses primarily on prospects, and I also cover the St. Louis Blues for The Hockey Writers. My favorite Bruins memory that isn't the Stanley Cup run is the 3-shorties-in-one-PK game against the 'Canes in Spring 2010. Best non-Bruins memories include watching BU dominate in the 2007 Beanpot and watching the Blues beat up the Ducks' AHL goalies in a 9-3 blowout at Scottrade in Spring 2011. Random fact about me that is only marginally related to hockey - I'm obsessed with road trips, and have been to 45 states and 6 provinces (and 10 NHL arenas!), mostly by car. 

Kristian Limas I was born and raised in South Texas, the kind of place where it's 93 degrees on Christmas Day and hockey is non-existent. Needless to say I needed a change. I'm a recent graduate of Boston University (class of 2011) and since coming to BU Boston has been my adoptive home, and hockey my passion. I'm in between college and entering the real world, I graduated with a degree in journalism and am looking to jump into sports journalism where I can find my way back to Boston and the Bruins. I've covered BU and Bruins hockey independently and have interned at NESN for a summer. My favorite hockey memory, besides the Stanley Cup run, was watching BU mount their miraculous comeback in the 2009 national championship game. That game exemplified everything that I had grown to love about hockey and is up there as one of the greatest games I've ever seen.

I'll be covering mostly Bruins news along with prospect info and Hockey East. 

Phunwin (@Phunwin) - I was born in the frostbitten lands of the Adirondack Mountains, just 90 miles southwest of the Montreal Forum...and found Montreal fans so obnoxious that I started cheering for their arch-rival.  A proud graduate of the University of Rochester and State University of New York at Buffalo Law School, I practice law when not writing about hockey.  I'm the lone holdover from Stanley Cup of Chowder v.1.0, and my work focuses more on the statistical and economic side of hockey, and most of my regular work will be part of the ongoing "Stat Tracker" feature.  I love the tangible and measurable, I have little use for the intangible and mystical, and I believe that whoever coined the phrase "Proven Veteran" should be shot at sunrise.  My favorite Bruins memory (pre-Stanley Cup) was watching my childhood idol, Raymond Bourque, garner First Star honors at the first NHL game I ever attended.  Phunwin fact: I was once accused of stealing Christmas in open court.  


Scott Frano I'm from Pembroke, Mass down on the South Shore. I'll be a junior next year at the University of Notre Dame, so naturally I hate BC with a passion (pretty much neutral on BU, though I root for them against BC). I found this wonderful site at the beginning of this year during my Bruins exile in Indiana and it kept me sane. I lurked for a while and started commenting about a month ago. I'm really excited to be writing for SCoC. I've been a Bruins fan since I was old enough to understand sports. My favorite Bruins memory is going to Game 1 against Carolina in 2009. It was my first playoff game ever and they dominated. Can't wait to get going and help cover your 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins (can't say that enough really).

Nick Smith I'm from Providence, Rhode Island, the home of Del's Lemonade, coffee milk, and hot wieners. I'm a professional student with a background ranging from business to foreign languages. More important than my studies, are fantasy sports of course, and above all is the Boston Bruins. I'm also a season ticket holder for the Baby B's. Aaron Downey, PJ Stock, and Terry O'Reilly constitute the Holy Trinity. The Providence Reds had the best sweaters ever. At least once a day, I try to work "Top shelf where momma hides the cookies" into conversation. Dominik Hasek is a deity. Patrick Roy is insignificant. Patrice Bergeron is perfection. Jack Edwards is infallible. Gun N' Roses is the greatest band of all time. Naturally, I have a GNR tattoo on my right arm. It matches my Van Halen necklace quite well.

Jon Bowman I'm currently an Econ major at Northeastern University and actually man the shiny new cameras that go along with NU's athletics websites (and the big board at Matthews). Not to brag, but former coach Cronin praised my work individually. So that was totally a brag. I have written at other places (including the gigantic fanpost most of you might have read right before game 7), but (other than that) nowhere and nothing I want you guys to see. It's pretty awful.
My favorite Bruins memory is Game 6 against Montreal a few years back. That whole year I was back and forth with a Canadiens fan schoolmate of mine, and I tried to get tickets so her and I could go to the game. That didn't happen, and I was pissed I wasn't there, but it was fun gloating afterwards. Also: Sturmface.

Peter MacKellar (@PeterMacKellar), and despite being born and raised in Colorado, I am a Bruins fan. With two parents from New England, my childhood sports teams were not the Avalanche and Rockies, but rather the Bruins and Red Sox. While not a professional writer in the true sense, I’ve written a number of things for other people throughout a career in public relations. My favorite Bruins memory, aside from the past few months, was not actually a game or a season – when I was a small kid just starting to play hockey, my godfather gave me a signed black and white picture of Orr flying past the goal in the 1970 Cup finals. That cemented my love of hockey and the Bruins, and to this day, I still have that picture framed above my room at my parent’s house. Outside of the sports world, I spend too many hours tracking down good food and great beer in New York City.

As for me, I already got my intro post so I won't take the spotlight away from anyone. Find me on TwitterFacebook, or any millions of other social media sites.