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Hitting the Links: Welcome to the Joe Corvo era

The Bruins made three signings yesterday, and waved goodbye to Tomas Kaberle, who's off to start the next phase of his career in the footsteps of his brother Franticek in Carolina. Meanwhile, the Stanley Cup is off on its journey around the world with our boys. Does anyone still occasionally wake up and have to remind themselves that the Bruins actually did win the Stanley Cup? It's not just me, right?

Delicious linky goodness after the jump.

Bruins news
  • I'm not sure what scares me more, Joe Corvo's variety of hairstyles or the fact that there's a website dedicated to stuff like this. Thanks, internet. [Hair-action]
  • Tuukka Rask and Milan Lucic underwent successful surgeries recently. [ESPN]
  • Here's a loosely constructed schedule of who gets the Cup and when this summer. [The Score]
  • The Hockey Hall of Fame keeps a Stanley Cup journal that's updated every Tuesday and Friday. [HHoF]
  • Josh Hennessy, a Milton Academy product, who was never quite able to get his NHL career off the ground, is coming home - to play in Providence. [Patriot Ledger]

Around the NHL:

  • The AHL announced perhaps the biggest realignment in its history yesterday, going from four divisions to six. Providence's division rivals are all familiar foes except for the newly-created team in St John's, which will be a hell of an adventure to get to. [The AHL]
  • Justin Bourne has a good little piece on the value of a fresh start in the NHL. While this one is Dany Heatley and Matrin Havlat -centric, um...Nathan Horton, anyone? [Puck Daddy]
  • Stamkos Watch 2011: Or, Tampa Bay Lightning fans have other things to worry about, too. [St. Petersburg Times]

Non-Hockey Link of the Day:

  • Why couldn't Physics have been this awesome when I was in high school? The physics of Angry Birds! [KC Star]

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