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Hitting the Links: TGIF and Camp Day 2

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Day one of training camp is in the bag. Day two starts in about an hour. The Stanley Cup is off on its summer road trip with the Bruins, and the few guys who needed surgery in the offseason are done and good to go. Life really can't get much better than it is right now for we younger Bruins fans who aren't old enough to remember the last time something this cool happened.


Bruins news:

Shane Hnidy says he'd be "thrilled" to play for his hometown Winnipeg Jets. Good luck with that. [Sun]

There's not a lot of pressure on Dougie Hamilton to make the NHL this year....nothing like Tyler Seguin last year. He's making the most of development camp. [WEEI]

Kirk Luedeke of the Hockey Journal catches up with a few of the 24 players at this year's Camp. [NEHJ]

The cool thing about these development camps is the opportunity to possibly see the NHL's next big star, even if it's not Hamilton. Who might emerge from the pack? [Herald]

The difference between the 2nd overall pick and the 9th overall pick is about 150 people and some chanting at development camp. Hamilton doesn't quite inspire the level of craziness as Tyler Seguin did. Or maybe New England is still nursing its hockey hangover? [Telegraph]

The Stanley Cup heads to Rochester this weekend. [Fosters]

Around the NHL:

Justin Bourne explains the etiquette of playing summer shinny with pro hockey players. Bourne's stuff is a hoot about 99% of the time, so if you check one link out today, make this the one.  [Puck Daddy]

Red Wings fan who threw an octopus during the playoffs was fined $500. He went to court over it, fought the law, and....the law didn't win. Great success. [Puck Daddy]

The Predators are now the closest hockey club to Atlanta, and they're capitalizing on it - with special deals for Atlanta fans who make the trip. One of the games being hawked at Thrashers fans is the Preds/Jets game. This Nashville marketing team really knows what it's on about. [SBNation Atlanta]

Semyon Varlamov held his first press conference as a member of the Avalanche yesterday. Apparently his childhood idol was Patrick Roy and he wanted to play there as a kid. Good for him. [PHT]

The Mayor of Glendale doesn't think the Coyotes are going to stick in town. In other news, water is wet. [Gazette]