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Hitting The Links: Happy August Edition

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Happy August First, everyone! Today is Marc Savard's day with the Cup. These Cup days are really chugging along, they're about halfway done at this point.

I'm not going to link to the galleries and news stories/videos on anymore; if there's a Cup day, just assume you're gonna need to go check that site as well. I'm going to try to go more for the local paper/TV stations' angles on things just for funsies.

Also quick cool story sidenote, but Brian Ferlin was invited to USA World Juniors development camp, which officially means there could potentially be six Bruins prospects playing in World Juniors this year (two for Canada, two for USA, one for Russia, one for Norway.) Considering that last year we had ZERO playing in this esteemed tournament....that's not too shabby.

And away we go!

Bruins News:
  • So yeah, Friday was Gregory Campbell's day with the Cup, part of which was spent in Tillsonburg, Ont. Here's a cool local spin on what it means for this guy to bring the Cup home. [Free Press]
  • Yesterday was Tyler Seguin's day. He brought the Cup to his baby team in Toronto. [Star]
  • More on Seguin's day with the Cup from James Mirtle; in which we learn that Seguin is a troll, with a condo right in Maple Leaf Square. AWESOME. [Globe and Mail]
  • Providence coach Bruce Cassidy speaks on trying to balance development with minor league success as a team next year in the AHL. It still blows my mind that he coached the Caps for a season.  [NESN]
  • From Wayne Whittaker, a nice long piece on Chiarelli's 'Summer of quiet risk.' [THW]

NHL News:

  • Not quite NHL but since "hockey in weird places" seems to be a theme....did you know hockey is hitting a boom in the Gulf countries, as well? [IIHF]
  • Zach Parise is getting paid. These one-year deals seem to be popular among the I-spent-half-of-last-season-injured crowd these days. Lookin' at you, TJ Oshie and Josh Gorges. []
  • Today's the day for the Islanders. It's time to see if their Vote Yes campaign actually made an impact. [WSJ]
  • Puck Father completes the cycle and ranks the top goaltenders in the NHL for next season. Go ahead and guess who's #1. No really. It's not hard. Here's a hint: he's a whopper kind of guy. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Kings are still angry that the Oilers' medical staff failed so hard to diagnose Colin Fraser's broken self. So they filed a grievance. [Times]
  • The baby Jets will officially be named the St. john's Icecaps. For a little bit of graphic  design geekery, look at their logo. Then look at a map of Newfoundland and Labrador. Then proceed to laugh at how clever the Icecaps' design staff is. [AHL]
  • I literally almost threw up reading this: some journalist tries the food from Nikolai Khabibulin's jail. Sorry, but if rotting meat pictures make you queasy, don't click. [Canoe]

Non Hockey link of the day:

The latest fitness craze for Chinese dudes? It's not what you're expecting, I promise. [Huffington Post]