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Friday Night Fights: Shawn Thornton Vs. Eric Boulton

Each Friday we will bring you a classic fight from a former or current Bruins player.  Seeing how he is one of the best fighters in the league and second time Stanley Cup champ, it only makes sense to start this segment with Shawn Thornton.


Tale of the Tape:

Eric Boulton:          6'1"  225 lbs. 1150 career penalty minutes.

Shawn Thornton:   6'2"  217 lbs.   618 career penalty minutes.

On December 23, 2010 The Bruins faced the Jets, umm... I mean the Thrashers where only two seconds into the game Shawn Thornton squared off with left winger Eric Boulton.  Both fighters were evenly sized which made for a pretty good fight. According to the fan voting on, the bout was a draw.   Thornton seemed to get the edge in this match, but there is no doubt both fighters got their shots in.  The pair faced off a month earlier on November 28th with Shawn Thornton earining himself the unanimous decision, but Boulton proved to be a better opponent the second time around and tried to even the score   


Eric Boulton vs Shawn Thornton Dec 23, 2010 (via


The battle with Boulton may have bolstered Thornton later on in the game.  He had his first career two goal game and was a shot off the iron away from his first hat trick.  The fight and two goals arguably made it Thornton's best game of the season.  Oh yeah and I guess it's cool that the Bruins won as well.


Boulton is now a member of the New Jersey Devils.  It is very possible that the two drop the gloves again during their first meeting of the 2011-12 season on November 15th. Shawn Thornton will without a doubt be up for the challenge and try to increase his winning record against Eric Boulton.