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Hitting the Links: Super Late and done by Kathryn edition

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So everyone is really busy and no one can post our daily links but some awesome stuff happened over the weekend so better late than never right?

Mark Recchi got his (third) day with the cup and Milan Lucic got his first in his hometown. It may not have been Lucic's third Stanley Cup Day but he did get to hang out with the Memorial Cup in Vancouver when he won that in his hometown as well.

After the jump, Sidney Crosby is still hurt, Khabibulin got out of the slammer and (spoiler alert) somehow Springfield, MA is a top minor league sports market.

Bruins News:


  • Recchi continues to be easily one of the most awesome bald people to exist in the world and now he can tack on "with a sick Stanley Cup tattoo" to that as well. [Bruins]
  • I'm just gonna go right ahead and link Brittany Carnegie's Twitter right here (it's only private so you have to follow her) because she was on fire tweeting picture of Lucic's day with the Cup. [Twitter]
  • Back to Recchi, he not only got a sweet tat but he also got a street named in his honor. [NESN]
  • And right back to Lucic, his day with the Cup was super low key but obviously a joy for everyone lucky enough to be involved. [MetroNews]
  • Hey Shane Hnidy is bringing the Stanley Cup to his hometown of Neepawa on the 18th! [Winnipeg Free Press]
NHL News:

  • Sid the Kid still has lingering concussion symptoms. He hasn't played since January 5th and isn't even cleared to practice with contact. [TSN]
  • Nikolai Khabibulin is freeeeeee....from being in jail. He has 15 days under house arrest to complete his sentence. (Insert terrible joke about still having to return to Edmonton here) [Edmonton Journal]
  • Icing is just stuff on top of a cake right? No? The NHL is taking a look at it at their research and development camp. [Boston Globe]
  • Uh oh, what are the Ottawa Senators going to do about their blue line with the cap? [Toronto Sun]
  • The Sports Business journal released the top minor league markets; I won't give away the top spot but Providence is third! [Sports Business Journal]
  • Paul Kelly of College Hockey Inc. is real mad at the CHL with so many NCAA players going there. But Dave Branch, president of the CHL and commissioner of the OHL (and who gave myself and Sarah Memorial Cup tickets) will not let him have the last word. [Fan 590]
Non Hockey Link of the day:
  • Facebook would like to remind you that on this day last year, you also had no life. [Mashable]