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Hitting the Links: Rest in Peace, Rick Rypien Edition

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When tragedies occur in sports, we lay down our differences, set aside our biases, put away the stats for a moment and band together. Rick Rypien passed away last night, and as of the time this links post was created, it's been reported that it was a suicide.

Take today and hug a fellow human, a fellow hockey fan. Say something nice to someone who cheers for a different team than you. Make someone's day. Rypien was 28 years old. Twenty eight. Between his death and Derek Boogaard's, this has been a rough season for fans of our beloved sport. Let's stick together through this, yeah?

Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and Manitoba Moose fans who watched him play over the years.

After the jump, the official report on Rypien, plus some more upbeat news about Bruins players doing charity things and an NCAA commit trolling the Canadian Hockey League. Oh Rocco Grimaldi, you so hilar.

Bruins News:
  • Here is a tiny child from Pictou, Nova Scotia playing goal against Brad Marchand in the community's annual "Play the Pros" fundraiser. [NG News]
  • Meanwhile, back in another one of the Maritimes, Adam McQuaid, David Ling, and Nathan McIver played in a charity game for PEI's Camp Gencheff. [Guardian]
  • Dom Del Negro is in the Westfield State Hall of Fame! [Salem News]
  • A player from Adam McQuaid's junior team, the Sudbury Wolves, is getting a tryout with the Bruins this September. Charlie Dodero, who will likely be a leader for the Wolves this year. [Northern Life]
  • The Bruins are allegedly "considering trying out a veteran forward" this camp. I'll believe that when I see it, ok. [Globe]


NHL News:

  • Here is the Globe and Mail's article on Rick Rypien's death. [Globe and Mail]
  • An entire gallery of NHL team jerseys re-imagined as Euro Soccer kits! [Imgur]
  • The Islanders are throwing a party to re-watch that epic brawl game against the Penguins. The NHL is not all about this, though. [USA Today]
  • Anze Kopitar's first five seasons have been among the best for Kings forwards in their entire history. Pretty cool. [Kings]
  • LOL Rocco Grimaldi, tweeting that you're "going with the Dub" (which is a common nickname for the WHL). Grimaldi is a University of North Dakota commit. Turns out that's not what he meant at all. [Buzzing the Net]


Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • If you watch Game of Thrones, like me, and you enjoyed Arrested Development, like me, you maaaay have noticed some similarities between the two shows. Or maybe not, in which case: enlighten yourself. [Arrested Westeros]