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Hitting The Links: Happy AHL Schedule Day! Edition

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Oh my gosh it's the day people like me have been waiting for pretty much...since the NHL schedule was released. Every year we get to read the article about how much ~more~ goes into making an AHL schedule, since the minor league teams are at the mercy of NCAA teams and NBA teams and other various events (rodeos, concerts, and other such nonsense). But today, finally, is the day....when we get to see who, where, and when all our favorite AHL teams are playing! Hooray!

Wow it is difficult to fake sheer delight over something like the AHL schedule. Summer, go faster.

After the jump...summer is boring enough that people are obsessing over Research and Development Camp, the P-Bruins signed a Swede (yes, a Swede, the first Swede in the Bruins' system not named PJ Axelsson in FOREVER) and Matt Bradley said some dumb things...

Bruins News:
  • Said Swede is a left wing from Notre Dame. Not only did he graduate, but he lead the team in points as a Junior and scored a pretty pivotal goal in the 2008 NCAA tourney against Michigan. Check it. [Something's Bruin]
  • Lord Stanley  went to the home of Andrew Ference's WHL team - the Portland Winterhawks! - yesterday! Sadly, it was without Captain Planet Treehugger himself. [KXL]
  • It's almost Rock & Jock Softball time again! [Patch]
  • NSFW (language) but here are a bunch of Bruins macros that make me giggle when I'm angry. [F Y Hockey Macros]

NHL News:

  • So the only Canucks-related stuff this summer that is acceptable and actually pretty moving to see so many people from different walks of hockey fandom paying their respects is the unfortunate passing of Rick Rypien. Of course, the Toronto Star blunders in again and calls Rypien 'crazy'. The Canucks, for good reason this time, are real mad. Open mouth, insert foot, Star. [Globe and Mail]
  • Yay, Research and Development Camp stuff. Does anyone really give a crap about this stuff until they actually implement it? Not me. [NHL]
  • The Flyers have invited former Bruin Michael Nylander to training camp. But why? [700level]
  • Some lady hockey players in BC are striving to set a record for the longest hockey game ever played. It's all for charity, too. [BC Local News]
  • Matt Bradley went off on Alexander Semin and Bruce Boudreau, claiming that Semin 'doesn't care' and Boudreau 'only gives minutes to superstars. Welp....[Post]
  • ...That prompted fabulous Caps bloggers Russian Machine Never Breaks to create a 'Sasha Cares' bar graph. [RMNB]
  • And speaking of Boudreau, why isn't HE in this list of coaches on the proverbial 'hot seat' this season? [Sportsnet]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • Bringing back an oldie but goodie. These videos were hi-larious when I was in college. [Weebls]