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Hitting The Links: Getting Closer Edition

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I just want hockey to come back, so I can bro-high five people like this.
I just want hockey to come back, so I can bro-high five people like this.

I have nothing witty for you today guys, I'm sorry. Brad Marchand still hasn't signed, the P-Bruins are announcing all sorts of wacky things, Rick Rypien's funeral was this weekend, football is sort of getting going again, people are going back to college, it's sort of starting to get cooler out...and most importantly, we are a week away from September, which is one month closer to October. YAY.

After the jump, catching up on the weekend in hockey. Lots going on, if by "lots" you mean "not nothing."

Bruins News
  • Here is Johnny Boychuk with the Cup in Edmonton. Also at his Cup party? Ryan Button, per the twitters. Also funny is the fact that Button can't spell Boychuk.  [CTV]
  • Shane Hnidy took the Cup to Neepawa. And now he's officially done as a Bruin. Good luck with the Jets, Sheriff. [CBC]
  • The Bruins have turned their advertising contract over to Arnold, but never fear, the Bear is sticking around. [Herald]
  • A contract for Marchand? Nah. But whenever he signs, it's almost a guarantee that Tyler Ennis will make more money than the Nose Face Killer. [Sporting News]
  • Milan Lucic is back in Boston for good now, and he threw out the first pitch at a Spinners game before talking about his summer. [WEEI]
  • Here's a fun little piece on goalie prospect Zane Gothberg. He's very chatty. [Fargo Force]

NHL News

  • This link is for Cornelius. Mike Yeo went to Finland to meet with some of the guys he's now coaching, which is pretty cool. [Star-Tribune]
  • Where should the NHL expand to? Houston? What about Honolulu? (yeah, okay.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Nearly 1,000 people came to Rick Rypien's funeral over the weekend. Kevin Bieksa even served as a pallbearer. [NHL]
  • The way players prepare for NHL camps could be revolutionized by a new video program. [Globe]
  • I should really rename this section "other hockey news." Michigan gets to play in outdoor games two years in a row. This year, they face off against Ohio State at the home of the Cleveland Indians. [NYT]
  • Will 2011-2012 be more violent than prior seasons? [Fox Sports]
  • Here is a piece on what it means - to a fan from Winnipeg - to get their team back. [The Checking Line]
  • This season's rookies could be more impressive than their predecessors. [USA]

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