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Hitting The Links: Bob Essensa Edition

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Today is Bruins goalie coach Bob Essensa's day with the Stanley Cup. Essensa, a 12-year veteran of the NHL, has worked with the Bruins since 2003 - and this year, the hard work finally paid off. Tomorrow is Conn Smythe/two-time Vezina/Stanley Cup/record-breaking goaltending American Hero Tim Thomas' day with the Cup in Flint, but today is all for the guy who helped him get to where he is.

After the jump, Hamilton is real mad at that article about Honolulu being a viable market, some random midwest team might have an owner soon, and more NHL concussion problems.

Bruins News:

  • Bob Essensa brings the cup to Oxford, Michigan today. [M Live]
  • Bonavista, NFLD is ready for the Cup again! Michael Ryder brings it home next Tuesday. [vocm]
  • Brad Marchand's victory parade is planned; his contract still isn't. [Chronicle Herald]

NHL News:

  • The Devils signed TWELVE players yesterday. While that may seem excessive, it's tempered by the fact that they're all AHL players. No big deal, just restocking the farm. [Globe and Mail]
  • Ryan Lambert's 'What We Learned' is a good glance around the NHL. Hilariously, this week in Bruins mentions us, and how we can't cut Claude Julien a break. What, B+ isn't THAT bad of a grade, Lambert! We're being realistic! [Puck Daddy]
  • Chris Mason is pretty pumped to be on the Jets - enough so that he's the first guy to arrive for training camp. [Free Press]
  • Dave Scatchard, who was a Trent Whitfield-esque player for the Blues (super useful in the AHL, helpful in a pinch as a callup) has retired due guessed it...complications from a concussion. [Sporting News]
  • Speaking of concussions, Sidney Crosby is still struggling. [Globe and Mail]
  • Wade Belak will feature on Battle of the Blades this season; Tessa Bonhomme will also be the first female hockey player on the show. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hey, people want to buy the Blues! This is excellent news. [News-Democrat]
  • This Hamilton writer is rip-roarin' mad that his booming Canadian metropolis was ranked lower than Honolulu as a viable hockey market. [The Spec]
  • Which traded players will be counted on to impact their teams immediately? [NHL]

Non-Hockey Link of the day:

  • I love nerdy science tricks like this one. Seriously. [Metacafe]