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Hitting The Links: Pretty Good At Softball Edition

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While Tim Thomas paraded his various and sundry trophies around Davison, Michigan yesterday, about a third of his team was rocking out in Lowell playing softball for charity. A game in its second season and mostly put together by Milan Lucic, Rock & Jock Softball seemed to be a pretty big success. They couldn't have asked for better weather.

Also today is Steven Kampfer's day with the Stanley Cup. Yay.

After the jump, mostly Bruins links, for once - plus an update on Sidney Crosby.

Bruins News
  • Tim Thomas never gave up on the 'American Dream.' His amazing story, told through the eyes of those who know him best. [Yahoo]
  • Thomas also now has a corn maze in New Hampshire dedicated to him. It's pretty awesome. [Fox Boston]
  • And a sandwich, too - prompting The Score to dream up other potential NHL sandwiches. [Houses of the Hockey]
  • Another local story about Timmy bringing the Cup home. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Video from Rock & Jock Softball - Milan Lucic talks about his summer. [Fox Boston]
  • Despite a short-ish summer, Nathan Horton and Tuukka Rask are ready for the next season to begin. [Globe]
  • Sidney Crosby has no timetable for his return. Finally, though, someone suggests looking to Patrice Bergeron for advice and example of how someone CAN return successfully from a head injury. [CBC]

NHL News

  • Daniel Ryder, former P-Bruin and brother of Michael Ryder, was acquitted on robbery charges from 2010 yesterday. His story is pretty sad; he was supposed to be a top prospect but mental health and drug issues really brought him way down. [Loose Pucks]
  • Another former P-Bruin, one-time fan favorite Matt Marquardt, is trying to find a job. Interesting look at the life of a guy that has to deal with short contracts and bouncing around the minors. [Bay Today]
  • Of all the acquisitions Dale Tallon made this offseason for the Panthers, he's oddly most excited about a guy who missed most of last season. [PHT]
  • The NHL should take a page out of the MLB's book in removing stigma from mental illness, especially in light of recent events. [Gazette]
  • Should size matter in the NHL anymore? Yes...but on a case-by-case basis. [PHT]
  • An inside look at the life of a junior hockey scout. [Buzzing the Net]
  • Glendale officials are 'optimistic' about the sale of the Coyotes. In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet, etc etc. [AZ Central]

Non Hockey Link of the Day

  • Here, go laugh at Jonathan Papelbon being a derp and ranting about how Josh Beckett shouldn't use words he can't spell. [Tumblr]