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Hitting The Links: There's A Baby In The Cup Edition

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Chris Kelly: surprisingly awesome.
Chris Kelly: surprisingly awesome.'s John Bishop keeps posting pictures of tiny children in or around the Stanley Cup and it is really adorable. Similarly, Chris Kelly spent his day with the Cup at an Ottawa Children's Hospital. It's starting to become more and more apparent why Senators fans were livid when this guy was traded. He seems like a pretty upstanding guy.

As usual, check for more video and photo coverage of the Cup days.

After the jump, why the Brooklyn Islanders could be a legitimate thing, and another Bruins player marshalls a parade...

Bruins News

  • Adam McQuaid has been named a Gold Cup Parade marshall in PEI. [CBC]
  • Kirk Luedeke of New England Hockey Journal takes a closer look at Zach Hamill and Anthony Camara. [Bruins 2011 draft watch]
  • This Top 5 Greatest Bruins of all time list is a little weird, but opens up a good question: who would your top 5 Bruins of all time be? [Yahoo]
  • Where is the Cup off to next? It'll stay in the Ottawa area for now, actually. [Citizen]
  • And it's off to Vancouver on August 17. Hee hee hee. [Columbian]
  • Chris Kelly brought the Cup to a Children's Hospital. [Metro]

NHL News

  • Shea Weber went to arbitration. The ruling on his contract should come down in the next day. [USA Today]
  • Mika Zibanejad, a Senators prospect from Sweden, has a really, really interesting background,Here's a story about his dad and how he brought perspective to Zibanejad's life. [THN]
  • Oops, the Bruins broke Ryan Kesler. Now he needs surgery. Let me get a bucket for my tears. [Province]
  • The NHL is sent to experiment with rule changes, as it does every summer, at Research and Development camp. [Sun]
  • The Worcester Sharks' Alex Stalock is on the road to recovery after a Manchester Monarchs player stepped on the back of his knee and severed a nerve. Gross. [News Tribune]

Non hockey link of the day:

  • IT'S SHARK WEEK. Here are 100 shark facts for your reading pleasure. [Discovery]