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Hitting the Links: The Stanley Cup is Wounded Edition

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Ference celebrating the Cup win is always relevant.
Ference celebrating the Cup win is always relevant.

Yes, I'm sure the Stanley Cup has been dropped many a time in its existence but how many times has it been captured on video? That pretty much overshadows any Bruins news that has happened lately. Thanks Michael Ryder.

After the jump, the CHL vs. NCAA war is now under the watchful eye of the NHL, JVR has a nice extension and Mike Fisher is really expanding his resume.

Bruins News:

  • Michael Ryder had his day with the Stanley Cup yesterday and he just had to make Bruins fans cringe one last time when it toppled from a table. And he laughed about it afterward. [The Telegram]
  • The NHL CBA expires in 2012 but Daniel Paille is confident a deal will be worked out. [Toronto Sun]
  • An independent review of the Vancouver riots that occurred after the Bruins victory is going to be released tomorrow. No one has been charged in the riots yet. [Vancouver Courier]
  • The Jimmy Fund telethon is underway! Charlie Jacobs was on the Big Show to discuss its importance with Boston Sports. [WEEI]
  • The Bruins announced their preseason and practice schedule. Sadly, camp at the Garden is not open to the public this year. [Bruins]
  • Remember that time Tyler Seguin won the Stanley Cup his rookie season? Watch him talk about that and his upcoming season. [The Hockey News]
  • Former RIT goalie Jared DiMichiel accepted an invitation to attend Bruins camp. Follow him on Twitter. [WHAM]

NHL News:

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • Tumblr is the greatest website ever (in my opinion; I just love to reblog pictures of sparkly heels). It got a TON of unique visits in July, so sign up for one! [Mashable]