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Hitting The Links: Totally Random Junk Edition

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it is a good day when a jack edwards soundboard exists in the world.
it is a good day when a jack edwards soundboard exists in the world.

Got a lot of randomosity for you today in the links, including the fact that someone finally (FINALLY!) made a Jack Edwards soundboard. I have nothing witty for you up here today though. Sorry. Tomorrow is the weekend!

If you haven't yet, toddle on over to the fanshots and check out the "Let's all hang out" post, I think there's a trip to New York being planned or something.

ANYWAYS. To the links, batman!

Bruins News:
  • JACK EDWARDS SOUND BOARD SDFJDFGHDLASDSDLFD. No really. This is great. So great. [This Building is Vibrating]
  • Bruins are livin' the dream in Ottawa. Sorrrrrry, Senators fans. [Sun]
  • Doug Jarvis brought the Cup to Brockville. Hey, I've been there. [Recorder]
  • Tim Thomas audio from the handshake line. Had me rolling on the floor laughing last night. [Youtube]
  • NESN predicts that the Capitals, Penguins and Flyers will be the main teams to challenge the Bruins next year. In other news, water is wet. [NESN]

NHL news

  • Shea Weber got paaaaaid, son. [Tennessean]
  • Also paid? Chicago's Sharp Dressed Man. Patrick Sharp signed a 5-year extension. [Sun-Times]
  • With arbitration a hot topic, here are some of the most successful arbitration cases in recent history. Oh hi Mark Recchi! [CBC]
  • Fact: The Bruins and Sidney Crosby are not the only people coping with concussion issues. The Blues' David Perron, hit back in early November 2010, is still sidelined. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of concussions, a former WHL defenseman is speaking out against hiding symptoms. [Buzzing the Net]
  • And speaking of the WHL, former Sens coach Cory Clouston will be the bench boss of the Brandon Wheat Kings this year. [CBC]
  • Remember when Matt Lashoff was a baby Bruin? Now he's a guitar-playing defensive superstar for the Toronto Marlies. Bonus in this article: apparently he and Tuukka Rask were a two-man band in Providence back in the day. [Star]
  • Why has the NHL given up on ESPN? [Globe and Mail]

Non hockey link of the day:

  • Tom Brady is OLD! Ok not really but here's a gallery of potential birthday gifts for our QB in tight pants. (related, if you are a football fan and have never seen this video, enlighten yourself.)  [NESN]