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Hitting The Links: International Beer Day Edition

You know who's probably celebrating International Beer Day? This guy.
You know who's probably celebrating International Beer Day? This guy.

I almost named this post something Jersey Shore related. Last night's episode is still sitting on my PVR ready to be watched. I hear it's pretty ridiculous, even compared to the first three seasons.

Speaking of tan dudes who can't keep their shirts on, Brad Marchand still doesn't have a contract.

After the jump, an interview with Nose Face himself, along with a really good interview with Bruins' prospect Craig Cunningham, and a searing question - just who exactly is going to take on the added pressure of the 'A' Mark Recchi's left open?

Bruins News:
  • Here is the aforementioned interview. it's actually not bland in the slightest, Marchand is really well-spoken, there's some interesting stuff about his superstitions regarding his mom and some of the guys that texted him to congratulate him after the Cup win. [CTV]
  • Craig Cunningham is such an interesting character. He played his entire Junior career with the same team, then got traded in his overage year to a different country. Now he's trying to crack the Bruins' roster through the AHL. [Province]
  • Who deserves Recchi's 'A'? Personally I'd go with Andrew Ference. [WEEI]

NHL News:

  • Owen Nolan signs with the Canucks.This is the "token old guy" piece of their "if you can't beat 'em, emulate 'em!" strategy after losing the Cup to the Bruins. They've added former Bruins, tough guys, old guys...what's next? [Province]
  • Luc Robitaille, after realizing that the last three teams to win the Cup have gone to Europe that season, jumped at the chance to get his team over there. Newsflash, Luc - that's only half the puzzle. You weren't in a Winter Classic last year, too. Sorry. [Mayor's Manor]
  • There are still free agents available but most of them are crappy. Regardless, here is the list of signings and a link within a link (linkception?) to who's still on the block. [NHL]
  • Consider the Florida Panthers. If a gimmick is hilarious but no one is around to appreciate it, is it still as funny? [Puck Daddy]
  • Sean Avery got arrested. Dear someone else in the NHL: can you come support gay rights too so that campaign isn't just spearheaded by a jackwagon like Avery? Thaaaanks. [USA Today]

Non hockey link of the day:

  • It's International Beer Day. Let's celebrate by talking about beer in the comments. [Fox]