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Greatest Moment of the 2010-11 season: Horton vs. Thomas

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It is no surprise at all that after these recent playoffs that there would be a Thomas and Horton moment fighting for a spot in the finals. Without the effort from this pair of heroes it is almost certain that the Bruins would be working on year forty with no Cup win. This is the playoff momant finals round, the winner moves on the face the regular season winner.

The match up between Krejci's the three winning goals and Horton's game seven winning goal wasn't even close. It just proved that the hatred for the rival Canadiens played a big part in this choice. Nathan Horton won the hearts of all of the fans in Boston and even though Krejci ripped apart the Flyers it was no match for Horton sending the Habs to the golf course nice and early.

Nathan Horton's Game 7 Winning Goal in OT, Bruins win 4-3 (via BostonSportsVids)

The match up between the two Thomas moments was a nail-biter. It was hard to choose the Downie save over the Sedin hit and vice versa. It seemed that the majority voted for the correct pick. While the hit on Henrik Sedin was well deserved, the save on Downie was ridiculous and at a key moment in that game.

Tim Thomas save of the year on Downie 5/23/11 1080p HD (via dafoomie)