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Greatest Moment of the 2010-11 Season: Campbell vs. Line Brawl + Goalie Fight

It isn't too surprising to see the last two moments of the regular season come down to the two most memorable games against the Habs. Both moments were figurative and literal slaps in the faces of the Montreal Canadiens, and nothing beats a bitter rivalry in hockey. This is the regular moment's final round, the winner moves on to face the playoffs winner.

The choice between the November five-third-period-goal comeback against the Pittsburgh Penguins and Gregory Campbell's 3-on-5 only differed by 19 votes. Although the comeback was a true team effort, something that would carry over into the playoffs, Gregory Campbell's shorthanded goal was just the cherry on top of a vital game against the Habs.

Gregory Campbell's 3-on-5 goal against the Montreal Canadiens 3/24/11 (via NHLVideo)

Though Zdeno Chara's hat trick celebration was memorable for fans and a huge accomplishment for the hulking defensemen, it stood no chance against the explosive line brawl against the Canadiens. The goalie fight brought the noise level in the Garden to deafening levels, granted Tim Thomas and Carey Price aren't exactly the best fighters hockey has ever seen.

Line brawl and goalie fight against the Montreal Canadiens 2/9/11 (via FFMHockeyFan1)