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Hitting the Links: Answering Some Questions Edition

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Happy Monday, kids! Who all's going to the Black and Gold game tomorrow? Say hi to the Dunk for me, it's a great building to see a game in. If you like it, come back during the season for a Providence game, they are super fun.

Camp is well under way (okay, it's three days in) and some interesting storylines are developing. It's Zach Hamill's last year of his contract; will the disappointing 2007 first-rounder step it up? Who will get that elusive last defense spot? QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED.

Bruins News:
  • Holy crap, where to begin. Patrice Bergeron, aka Mr. Triple Gold, wants to win another Cup. Surprise! [NHL]
  • The Bruins are settling back into the in-season rhythm. [Globe]
  • Despite being in Slovakia until very recently, Zdeno Chara got right on the ice as soon as he got back, battling a bit of travel fatigue. [Projo]
  • Concussions? NBD, says Nathan Horton. He's good to go. [Herald]
  • Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley are enjoying starting the season with the Bruins instead of being tossed in partway through. Makes sense. [Herald]
  • Jared Knight's hometown paper talks about his shot at making the Bruins this year. Odds are against him, but it coooould happen. [Enquirer]
  • Speaking of shots, David Krejci plans to try to take more of them this year. Shoot more, pass less. Seems like a good M.O. [ESPN]
  • Tim Thomas has decided that his goal is to win the Hart Trophy this year. Considering that we've seen what Tim Thomas can do when he puts his mind to something....#Timmy4Hart2012. You heard it here first.  [PHT]
  • Zach Hamill, as a center on a team loaded down the middle, is caught between a rock and a hard place, here. [Globe]
  • Brad Marchand was named one of Boston's most stylish people. Tyler Seguin's reaction in this video should tell you all you need to know about THAT. [NESN]

NHL News

  • Pavel Datsyuk is wearing #24 in training camp to honor former Red Wing Ruslan Salei. [USA Today]
  • The Senators and Maple Leafs' new third jerseys were accidentally leaked in Buffalo yesterday. The Sens' third looks pretty sharp; the Leafs' is....well, boring as usual. [Icethetics]
  • Eric Staal probably got an angry phone call from his mom after it was revealed that Marc Staal is sidelined with concussion symptoms stemming from a hit by his big brother earlier in the year. Oops? [CBC]
  • The Sabres added former defenseman Teppo Numminen to their coaching staff this week. [Post]
  • Sidney Crosby is looking pretty good, all things considered. [ESPN]
  • Omg Jagr in orange. Bro, that is not your color. He wants to win a Cup though I guess? [USA Today]