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And the Greatest Moment of the 2010-11 Season is...

After almost a month of voting, it all came down to Nathan Horton's Game 7 OT winner vs. the bloodbath of a line brawl against Montreal. And after 255 votes, the winner is..

Nathan Horton's Game 7 OT winner!


Nathan Horton's Game 7 Winning Goal in OT vs. Montreal, Bruins win 4-3 (via BostonSportsVids)


Though it was awesome to finally see the Montreal Canadiens get beaten up during the line brawl, that was just the beginning of embarrassing the Habs. The last time the Bruins faced the Canadiens in the playoffs (in 2008), the Bruins lost in 7 games. This year, the Boston Bruins faced their arch nemesis, the Montreal Canadiens in Round 1 once again, and at the time, many people were looking at the Habs losing and for a new coach in Boston if the Bruins had another early exit. Then the Bruins dropped the first two games. They looked sloppy, lost, and it ultimately seemed like their heart wasn't in the series anymore.

Then they made a comeback for the ages. Before this year, Boston was 0-26 against the Canadiens when down by two games in the playoffs. This year, the Bruins were all about defying history. Finally, the Bruins got the ultimate revenge on the Canadiens in Game 7 thanks to Nathan Horton's beautiful goal in OT. Milan Lucic passed the puck to Horton from the right circle, from which Horton would send a slapper sailing. The puck deflected off of Jeff Halpern's skates, and found its way behind Carey Price. The Bruins sent Montreal to the golf course, and history was made.

Thank you all for commenting and voting! It's been great reminiscing on last season, and here's to another great season!