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Friday Night Fights: Michael Komisarek vs Milan Lucic

Tale of the Tape:


Michael Komisarek:     6'5" 243lbs 622 career penalty minutes

Milan Lucic                6'4" 220lbs 390 career penalty minutes

Here is a match up that many of you may have been waiting for.  I really want to try and post fights that are somewhat even, but it was time to post a beat down.   On November 13, 2008 it was only a matter of time until Michael Komisarek and Milan Lucic went toe to toe.  Komisarek had been a thorn in Boston's side that night.  Early during the game he threw a check on David Krejci which captain Zdeno Charadidn't appreciate very much and went over to say hello in a pleasant face washing/punching way to Komisarek. Chara gave Komisarek a handful of punches to the face and of course Komisarekdid nothing but stand there and take them like the Canadiens do best.  Komisarek also had a scrum with Lucic which later on led to his face being abused like a speed bag.  Aboutmid way through the second period Komisarek makes a bad mistake and decides it is time to drop the gloves with Lucic.  Lucic plastered Komisarek with punch after punch with Komisarek really not landing much for himself.  Lucic wins the decisive victory and yells maniacally some profanities towards the Canadien bench.

Michael Komisarek vs Milan Lucic Nov 13, 2008 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)


Later during the post season on April 22nd the pair dropped the gloves yet again. Not only was Montreal about to be swept Komisarek earned himself a shiner as well.  It only took one quick right from Lucic into Komisarek's eye for the fight to be over.  It served Komisarek right after a cheap cross check earlier in the game.   As of yet, it has been the last time the two have squared off. Neither incident had a positive outcome for Komisarek and it may be something he may want to shy away from next time he decides to open up his big mouth.

By the way. The only thing worse than watching Mike Komisarek play hockey is having to type his name about fifty times.