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Greatest moment of the 2010-2011 season: Atlanta vs. Campbell

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Today’s pair of moments showcases two important aspects of the Boston Bruins: heart and skill. Back in December, Atlanta learned quickly that if you mess with one Bruin, you mess with them all. Three months and a day later, the Bruins faced against Montreal again, and Gregory Campbell showed off his speed against the Montreal Canadiens. to score perhaps the best goal of any Bruin during the regular season.

After a high hit from Freddy Meyer on Milan Lucic - that went uncalled - the Bruins showed that they're more than a team; that they're a brotherhood. Andrew Ference took on Meyers, and the brawl was on. Nathan Horton, Adam McQuaid, and hell, even Marc Savard got a few hits in. Did I mention that all of this was only after Shawn Thornton came a goal and an assist shy of a respective natural hat trick and a Gordie Howe hat trick?

Boston Bruins line brawl against the Atlanta Thrashers 12/23/2010 (via dafoomie)

After the 8-6 bloodbath against Montreal, Gary Bettman made it clear that he did not want to see those antics during the next Habs/Bruins game. Well, he got that wish alright. The Bruins ended up winning 7-0, and Gregory Campbell showed us once again what an important player he is when he scored this unbelievable 3-on-5 goal.

Gregory Campbell scores a 3-on-5 goal against the Montreal Canadiens 3/24/2011 (via NHLVideo)