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Hitting The Links: Dougie Some More Edition

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Slowly the news about players attending Bruins rookie and training camp on tryouts is trickling in. The other day, former South Carolina Stingrays goalie and RIT standout Jared DeMichiel announced that he'd be attending; today, the Kingston Frontenacs (aka Ryan Spooner's OHL club) announced that overage player Connor Stokes will be making the trek to Boston with his OHL teammate on Wednesday.


After the jump, Brad Marchand still doesn't have a contract, a completely expected yet still awesome 'Teach Me How To Dougie' video, and too much about head injuries - a way too prevalent topic these days.

Bruins News:
  • Charlie Jacobs had the Stanley Cup in Wellesley yesterday. [Patch]
  • With how silly he is on Twitter and his small yet useful contribution to the Bruins this year, sometimes it's easy to forget that Steven Kampfer, at one point, was very nearly paralyzed. One of his former professors wrote this fantastic piece about his comeback from head injury in 2008. [Detroit News]
  • The Frontenacs' Connor Stokes is...well, stoked to attend Bruins camp. I'm positive he's never heard that joke before, either. [Frontenacs]

NHL News:

  • The NHL's fantasy goaltender rankings have Tim Thomas ranked #4, behind Pekka Rinne, Roberto Luongo, and Henrik Lundqvist. NO RESPECT. [NHL]
  • Speaking of goalies, Chris Osgood is set to become the Red Wings' goalie coach.[PHT]
  • Dustin Byfuglien got caught drunken boating on Lake Minnetonka the other day, and appears to have put on a little weight? [Twin Cities]
  • Here's a neat little article on NHL familes in the OHL. [Windsor Star]
  • Sean Avery planned to get arrested at the White House. How random. This guy, no wonder no one can figure him out. [Puck Daddy]
  • Howard Berger, of the Fan 590, has an amaaaazing collection of old hockey media guides and stuff, and he finally photographed it all for display online. Check it out. [Howard Berger]
  • Wade Belak's death WAS a suicide, leaving the hockey world reeling in the wake of a third death this summer. What is the league to do about this? []
  • Derek Boogaard's brain is currently at Boston University being examined for some clue about brain damage. [USA Today]
  • 13 NHL careers cut short by concussions. [Total Pro sports]
  • And, just to end on a high note - Brown hockey players rescued some swimmers in distress yesterday. [Projo]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • That "no respect" thing up above got me watching Rodney Dangerfield clips on Youtube so, uh, here, join me. WHAT A CROWD WHAT A CROWD. [Youtube]