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Hitting the Links: It's (Almost) Officially Hockey Season

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Twitter was a hot mess yesterday with people live-tweeting preseason hockey games, which can only mean one thing: IT IS ALMOST BACK. While preseason gets underway, QMJHL starts tonight with some of their star players still away at NHL camps.

With camp going on and the season right around the corner, there seem to a lot of loose ends to be tied up and a lot of expectations coming to the light. Like, Theo Peckham changing his number and Jordan Caron's likelihood of making the Bruins roster. Read more after the jump!!!

Bruins News:
  • Coach Julien is just running the show at training camp and switching things up a bit. [Boston Globe]
  • Jordan Caron is poised to make the Bruins roster out of camp because of his experiences with the team from last season. [NESN]
  • The Bruins are soooo young, especially without Mark Recchi. With Chris Clark at Bruins camp on a try out, he is hoping he can make an impact. [WEEI]
  • Remember when everyone loved Milan Lucic? Then the next season he kept getting injured so no one liked him? But wait guys, remember how the season after that he scored 30 goals and won a Stanley Cup in his hometown? Oh yeah. With another season on the horizon, there are even more expectations for #17. [NECN]
  • Riding the pine is rough on any guy but a goaltender? Tuukka Rask hopes that his experience opening the bench door on the bench will help him further in his career but he wants to do more next season. [ESPN Boston]
  • New Providence Bruin Kyle MacKinnon talks about his experience playing with guys like Tyler Seguin and Nathan Horton, among other Bruins, at camp. [Providence Journal]
Other Hockey News:
  • Personally, I don't think I ever want to know, but imagine some of the stories the Stanley Cup could tell. [Toronto Star]
  • A recap of all the preseason games from Monday. [Washington Post]
  • Number 24 once again will be worn by Theo Peckham on the Edmonton Oilers. [Edmonton Journal]
  • He can finally hang up some cowboy decorations for good because Carey Price bought himself a house. Price says he is feeling at home in Montreal after his time there and is looking forward. [Globe and Mail]
  • Milan Hejduk is old. But someone has to teach the greatest goal celebration to the youth. [CBC]
  • There is another goalie on the Vancouver Canucks besides Roberto Luongo and his name is Cory Schneider. Hockey fans say a surprising amount of him in the Stanley Cup Finals when Luongo's tires deflated but it is unclear how much of him they will see in the upcoming season. [Vancouver Sun]
  • If you were wondering when would be a good time to start following OHL hockey, the time is now. So read about it. [Winnipeg Free Press]
Non Hockey Link of the Day:
  • Think you go hard when you pregame? Nahhh, you ain't got nothing on these ladies. (If you haven't seen this video already, you're missing out.) [Youtube]