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Hitting the Links: Let the Preseason Begin!

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It isn't the regular season and it isn't the playoffs but the third best thing in hockey starts today for Boston fans: the preseason! The game at 7:30 against the Ottawa Senators will be on TSN if anyone gets that but otherwise it will just be the internet that tells us what is happening in Chris Kelly's old stomping grounds.

Other preseason has already started and while it might be weird for us to see Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart in yet another new uniform as Jets, it was likely weird for people in Winnipeg to see two professional teams go at it. 

After the jump, I won't bore you with recap of all the preseason games but the Bruins played a scrimmage that you should know all the facts on. much did the Prime Minister of Canada spend when he visited Boston? 

Bruins News: 

  • The Black and White scrimmage was last night at the Dunk. The Black Team got a "huge dub" with a lot of help from Alexander Khokhlachev when they won 4-1. [Providence Journal]
  • Will Zach Hamill ever, ever, ever be on the Bruins? He certainly hopes so. [ESPN Boston]
  • Speaking of some of my favorite people in the organization, Tyler Seguin has been practicing as a center. Claude Julien may keep him there, he may not. [Boston Globe]
  • It could be a gamble to keep him at center but in terms of LITERAL gambling, there is a new Bruins scratch ticket! [NESN]
  • Patrice Bergeron misses Recchi. He will never be replaced on the team. [Black and Gold Blog]
  • The NHL is sending representatives to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference for the first time in its 40 years of existence. As if you doubted it, Willie O'Ree is most definitely going to be there. [NHL]
  • Everyone loves Ryan Spooner. Fact. [Providence Journal]
  • Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada visited Boston recently. How much money did he spend? [Globe and Mail]


Hockey News: 

  • Yay for hockey in Winnipeg!!! The place was packed and there was reportedly a playoff feeling in the air. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • On the topic of Winnipeg, Dustin Byfuglien is getting charged for his drunken boating. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]
  • Lee Sweatt was apparently totally fine with retiring from the NHL at age 26. He achieved one goal in life. So, okay, onto the next goal. [CBC]
  • Maybe it's the tweets or maybe not, but Alex Ovechkin is re-dedicated for the upcoming season. [TSN]
  • Sometimes it seems like all pro athletes in the United States come from the same areas. One of those areas is Minnesota. So here is a list of the top ten from the North Star state. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]
  • There was so much bro action on the ice last night. Not just bro action but ACTUAL bro action. Like brothers playing against each other or...on the same line likes Jonathan and David Toews. [Chicago Tribune]
Non Hockey Link of the Day: