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Friday Night Fights: Bobby Orr vs. Keith Magnuson

Bobby Orr vs Pat Quinn March 15, 1969
Bobby Orr vs Pat Quinn March 15, 1969

Bobby Orr is arguable the greatest to have ever laced up a pair of skates. Here in Boston there is no argument at all. Orr revolutionized the defensive position with quickness and a scoring touch that no one ever saw out of a blue-liner. Many don't realize how good of a fighter Bobby Orr was. Everyone knew how tough he was and the guy played half of his career on shattered knees and was still the best player on the ice. Orr had his fair share of scraps, but he recorded a low number of fights during one of the toughest periods in NHL history. The reason Orr didn't have an exceptional amount of fighting majors is because most opponents knew how tough he was and didn't want to fight him or answer to Derek Sanderson.

Tale of the Tape:

Bobby Orr: 5'11" 200lbs 953 career penalty minutes

Keith Magnuson: 6'0" 185 lbs 1442 career penalty minutes

On November 21, 1969 Blackhawk Keith Magnuson hit Bruin Derek Sanderson from behind. Bobby Orr took exception from the hit and leveled Magnuson to the ice with a devastating check. Both Orr and Magnuson fell to the ice untill Orr stood up and threw about five punches into Magnuson's face. The fight was one sided with Orr taking the lopsided victory. This event led up to a second scrap between the pair a season later.

Bobby Orr vs Keith Magnuson (via mamojica)

On December 2, 1970 during a bench clearing brawl in the first period, Keith Magnuson took a run at Bobby Orr. After the incedent accoring to Magnuson, Orr was quoted as saying, "I'll see you at center ice with five seconds to go." When that time came, Magnuson hit Orr from behind again which proved to be a big mistake. Orr became enraged and broke Magnuson's nose while giving him a couple of black eyes in the process. Even after the refs broke up the fight, Magnuson still wanted a piece of Orr. Apparently Orr didn't get his message across after shattering Magnuson's face.

Bobby Orr vs Keith Magnuson rd2 1970 (via mike8219)

It would be the last time the two squared off and for good reason. Keith Magnuson found out the hard way what happened when you dropped gloves with Bobby Orr. Orr had 47 career fights which surprisingly enough isn't much from the era he played in. Dave Schultz of the Flyers had 189 career fights alone during the same period. Orr didn't have to fight, because anyone that messed with him would have to answer to Derek Sanderon, Wayne Cashman or worst of all, Bobby Orr.