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Hitting the Links: Everyone loves the Bruins Edition

Fight fight fight fight!
Fight fight fight fight!

Happy Friday! Tonight is the Bruins preseason home opener and they are up against the New York Islanders. The rookies of both squads already faced each other and now we mix in a few other players.....boom preseason.

After the jump, the Bruins set up a sweet blueprint in how they barreled through the Canucks and other teams may follow suit and an ex-Canuck is actually really glad the Bruins won. Other than that, a bunch of random stuff including what happens when a woman hockey player decides to have a baby.

Bruins News:

  • Here is tonight's line up for the Bruins. [Big Bad Blog]
  • And here is the lineup of players they will be facing off against. [NewsDay]
  • "I don't really think that if you put Gretzky out there with Lemieux on the ice that they're going to be able to score many goals when a team is like that." Maybe Alex Burrows was a tiny bit intimidated by the Boston defense. [Montreal Gazette]
  • A former player for the Canucks, Darcy Hordichuk is glad the Bruins won and he thinks Shawn Thornton's grit had a lot to do with it. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Remember when David Krejci fought Benoit Pouliot? Well forget it because Pouliot wants to do as best he can to prove himself on his new team of the Bruins. [Taunton Daily Gazette]
  • A Stanley Cup and two Vezina Trophys? No big deal. Tim Thomas says his biggest goal in life was to win an Olympic Medal and his place on Team USA helped motivated him to win the Stanley Cup. [Flint Journal]
Other Hockey News:
  • Here's something that wouldn't happen in men's sports: a goaltender needing time off in order to have a baby. It's actually pretty intense that Kim St. Pierre of Team Canada's women's team is taking the season off because she is a 12-year veteran. [TSN]
  • As everyone knows, Brendan Shanahan handed out his first suspensions to some not-so-unfamiliar players. It's a new era for discipline. [Montreal Gazette]
  • I'm embarrassed to live in a world where Wayne Simmonds got a banana thrown at him in a shoot out. Grow up. [Sporting News]
  • Does anyone really care what Sheldon Souray has to say? [Edmonton Journal]
  • Being a billet family for a junior hockey player can be really rewarding and in the long run, make you some pretty interesting friends. [Metro News London]
  • The NBA being locked out does not translate into the NHL making bags and bags of money. [Forbes]
  • And to maybe help you out this weekend, follow some, errrr, "special" advice from Paul Bissonette on how to make the most of your Twitter followers. [Sports Grid]
Non Hockey Link of the Day:
  • The T sucks. But imagine how much more awesome it would be if it were mapped out like Super Mario. Oh wait, you can! [Circle Cat Games]