NYC fieldtrip - Rangers tix on presale, Isles tix obviously available

For those of you coming down for the Islanders/Rangers double feature waaaaaaaay down the road on 3/31 and 4/1, Rangers tickets for the April Fools Day game are now on presale on ticketmaster. The 400 level goes for 70 bucks, $83 with all charges, limit of 4 per customer. Alternatively, group sales informs that they can do a group of 15-20 on the 100 level (Bruins attack twice) for 115 per ticket, no surcharge. So...

That leaves a few questions: which do you guys prefer? Ad hoc-ing it 4 at a time in the upper deck or going a bit more expensive for the lower bowl and definitely getting grouped seats? The latter also begs the question, how they heck do we coordinate payment for that? 


As usual, Islanders individual tix don't go up for sale for the 2012 calendar year until the new year. Which is annoying. But groups are easy enough - since no one wants to actually go see them play. A call into their group sales confirms we can get $20 seats in the upper deck, and given the pricey ass Rags tickets, I see no reason to splurge any more than that for the Mausoleum.

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