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Hitting The Links: Labor Day Edition

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Happy Labor Day!

No article on this one just yet, but Katie Strang of Newsday is reporting that the Bruins, in addition to inviting a bunch of kids to rookie camp (goalie Jared DeMichiel, defenseman Charlie Dodero, and forwards Conor Stokes, Dylan Hood, Kyle MacKinnon, and Adam Presizniuk...hat-tip to Kirk Luedeke for that list), have invited former Washington Capitals captain Chris Clark to main camp.

Clark may not have a shot to crack the Bruins roster but he'll bring an extra bit of motivation for the bottom few players competing for one of those last few spots. Interesting move, to say the least. Fun side note - he's also a Clarkson graduate, which is where prospect Ben Sexton attends college.

After the jump, mostly Bruins stuff, for once! It's that time of year again, hoorah...

Bruins News:
  • Tim Thomas brought the Cup to Vermont on Saturday, apparently it was a really good time. Things I never knew: his wife is from Essex Junction, VT. [USA Today]
  • TSN's 30 Teams in 30 Days preview covers the B's today. [TSN]
  • The Cup made its way to Beverly on Sunday. [Salem News]
  • Every time I read an article like this, I want Steven Kampfer to succeed more. [The Post Game]
  • The Hockey Cathedral belongs to us for the next year. Anyone up for a pilgrimage? [Globe]
  • Jared Knight isn't the only London Knight with diabetes anymore - his roommate, Tie Domi's son, is living with the disease as well. [Knights]
  • Here's a preview of what Benoit Pouliot's role on the Bruins next year could be. [Hockey Journal]

NHL News

  • Justin Bourne wrote about training camp! [Puck Daddy]
  • Steven Stamkos plays in a baseball beer league! [The Big Lead]
  • Max Talbot is kind of a jerkface! [NHL]
  • This is pretty good - seeing the future: 20 storylines from the NHL's first quarter [Puck Daddy]
  • On the fighting/enforcer role in hockey, Cam Janssen is the latest of those NHL tough guys to speak up on the matter. [PHT]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • Do you have trouble with grammar? Can't tell when to use their, they're, or there? The Oatmeal can help. [Oatmeal]