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Greatest Moment of the 2010-11 season: Horton vs. Krejci

Today starts round two of the Greatest moment of the 2010-11 season. In round one Nathan Horton's game seven winning goal against Montreal edged out Micheal Ryder's ridiculous glove save and David Krejci's slaughter of the Flyer's barley squeaked by Honorary captain Bobby Orr. Horton and Krejci know a thing or two about game winning goals. Out of a possible sixteen playoff game winning goals, the pair had seven of them alone. Making that one goal shy an impressing 50%.

It may not have come as a surprise that Nathan Horton's game seven goal beat out a once in a lifetime save by a forward. He did stick the dagger into Boston's most hated rival in an incredible series by both teams. If it were Florida and not Montreal, Ryder's moment may be the one that takes the cake. Maybe not though.

Nathan Horton's Game 7 Winning Goal in OT, Bruins win 4-3 (via BostonSportsVids)

In the closest match-up in round one, David Krejci's incredible run against Philadelphia beat Bobby Orr waiving Horton's flag by only six votes. The action on the ice rather off of the ice played a role in this decision. While having legend Bobby Orr create such a uplifting moment, it only made sense that Krejci's hard work deserved the victory.

David Krejci OT winner 5/2/11 (via NHLVideo)