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Hitting The Links: Zombie Nation Edition

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So the title of this post is actually a reference to a project I'm trying to help a friend with. She's making a playlist for every NHL team, and needs help with the Bruins one. I gave her all the obvious songs already - Zombie Nation, The Pretender, every Dropkicks song ever, etc etc. What songs do YOU have on your Bruins playlist?

In other news, 3 days to (rookie) training camp. LET'S GO.

Bruins News:
  • Andrew Ference took his Cup Day quite seriously yeterday, parading through the North End. [Fox Boston]
  • His day ended with an organized flash mob.Here's the video.  [Puck Daddy]
  • Here is a rookie camp preview from Kirk Luedeke. [Hockey Journal]
  • "Stanley's Travels" has been updated! [Bruins]
  • Even though camps mostly start next week, there are a lot of RFA's that have not been signed yet. Hi, Brad Marchand. [Sportsnet]

NHL News:

  • Vancouver is trying to blame the NHL for the riots. Talk about avoiding taking responsibility, geez. [Globe and Mail]
  • The world's longest hockey game has been completed! With lots of money raised for a  special charity. [Province]
  • Steve Yzerman wants his players to all switch to wearing visors. Ryan Whitney is not really all about that. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Marco Sturm is intent to return to pre-injury (wait, when was this?) form for the Canucks this season. [TSN]
  • Flyers GM Paul Holmgren was injured in a bike crash on the Jersey Shore. [Press of AC]
  • The New York Islanders....have an official in-game tattoo parlor now. That is definitely, um, groundbreaking? Skinbreaking? I don't even know what to do with this. [USA Today]
  • Softer pads could help prevent injuries. Um, yeah. Obviously. [Chronicle Herald]
  • Sorry ladies (or whoever, I guess?), Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is off the market. [WIVB]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • We're going back to the moon! No, seriously. [NASA]