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Greatest Moment of the 2010-11 Season: Chara vs. Montreal

Today starts round two of the Greatest moment of the 2010-11 regular season. In round one, Zdeno Chara's grandiose hat trick celebration eliminated Marc Savard's emotional return, while the explosive line brawl and goalie fight against Montreal beat three fights in four seconds against a lesser rival of Dallas.

Like in yesterday's post, it was action on the ice that determined the winner in round one. Zdeno Chara's impressive hat trick against the Carolina Hurricanes was an imiportant and happy moment for the 6'9" captain. Unfortunately, the emotional memory of Marc Savard's return would be marred two months later when he was concussed and consequently shut down for the season.

Zdeno's first career hat trick against the Hurricanes 1/17/11 (via NHLVideo)

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that a line brawl against the hated Montreal Canadiens won by an overwhelming 65%. Tim Thomas and Carey Price's goalie fight, albeit no boxing match, was just the cherry on top. Dropping the gloves three times in four seconds against the Dallas Stars was exciting, but nothing beats the most heated rivalry in the entire NHL.

Line brawl and a goalie fight vs. Montreal 2/9/11 (via FFMHockeyFan1)