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Greatest Moment of the 2010-11 season: Thomas vs. ummm Thomas

Today's second round moments have Tim Thomas going against well, Himself. You all voted for the highway robbery on goon Steve Downie as well as Thomas sending Henrik Sedin packing. These two moment will be buried in the back of the minds of Bruins fans for eternity. These are the types of moments that will be seen on highlight reels for years to come.

It wasn't a big surprise that the check on Henrik Sedin beat out Nathan Horton pouring the Boston water on the enemy ice. What was a surprise was the amount of votes for each were not even close. Thomas gained more than double the votes as Horton. Apparently people love to see a soft Sedin brother thrown to the ice by a goalie.

Tim Thomas runs over Henrik Sedin 6/6/11 (via NHLVideo)

The heroic run that Tyler Seguin produced during the Eastern Conference Finals really was no match to the save made by Thomas. Once again the tallies were not even close with another Thomas landslide. The rookie could have had two hat tricks in a row and still may have lost to just another save in the life of Tim Thomas. This may be the hardest match up of this whole segment. How do you pick one over the other!?

Tim Thomas save of the year on Downie 5/23/11 1080p HD (via dafoomie)