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Friday Night Fights: McCrimmon vs. Goulet

Former Bruin Brad McCrimmon. (1959-2011)
Former Bruin Brad McCrimmon. (1959-2011)

Tale of the Tape:

Brad McCrimmon:   5'11" 193lbs 1461 career penalty minutes

Micheal Goulet:       6'1"  185lbs   825 career penalty minutes

Seeing how I write an article for Friday Night Fights each week, I thought I would do my part and honor the late Brad McCrimmon.  It has been a sad week after hearing the passing of not only McCrimmon but forty-two others as well during the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash. Our hearts and sympathy go out towards friends and families from the deceased. 

There isn't much history on why the two rookies faced off duing this bout. McCrimmon wasn't much of a fighter and Goulet certainly wasn't one at all.  It seemed the two former first round picks wanted to make a name for themselves and plastering each other with some punches seemed like a good idea. Goulet clearly had the upper edge early in the fight throwing numerous shots toward McCrimmon but not landing many in the process. McCrimmon pulled off Goulet's helmet, threw him into the boards and landed a bomb to the jaw of Goulet. Goulet may have taken the victory in this fight, but McCrimmon gained his composure and landed the two hardest punches of the match. The Zebras jumped in a bit early but all in all a solid fight between the pair of rookies.


Michel Goulet vs Brad McCrimmon (via nhlfightclub)

There wouldn't be too much more fighting for Michael Goulet in his career after this bout. He put his gloves back on and picked up his stick instead and became one of the most prolific scorers of his time.  Brad McCrimmon went on to have an excellent career playing alongside Hall of Famers Ray Bourque, Paul Coffee, Mark Howe and future Hall of Famers Chris Pronger and Nicklas Lidstrom as well  McCrimmon had his fair share of fights but his greatest achievement may have been when he captained the Calgary Flames to their Stanley Cup Championship during the 1989-90 season.  McCrimmon was an absolute asset to this sport on and off the ice.  He will be missed by  his friends, family and fans for eternity.