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Tyler Seguin Arrives In Temporary Swiss Hometown

The Journal du Jura, a Swiss French-language newspaper, has been running new articles on Tyler Seguin's arrival in Biel, home of his new club for the lockout, HC Biel.

Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Seguin arrived yesterday, in time to see his new club beat HC Ambri-Piotta. (Old friend Nolan Schaefer goaltends for Ambri-Piotta; no surprise to see that Biel beat them 4-1.)

Seguin gave an interview to Journal du Jura, the title of which translates to "I love having a good time!" Among the questions they asked him were:

-Have you ever been to Europe? (Yes, six or seven times, mostly with Team Canada - but never to Switzerland)
-Do you like the bigger sheets of ice used in Europe? (Yes, skating is an important part of my game, I'm excited to play on the bigger ice)
-Before you left, did you find out anything about the place you were coming to? (I looked on Google and Youtube to learn all I could about the city and HC Biel. I have to say that the Swiss game is quite different. This will be a process of learning for me, but I'm looking forward to it.)
-How do you feel, physically? (I still feel a little rusty.)
-Did you want to play in tonight's match against Ambri-Piotta? (Yes I want to play as soon as I can, but it's been months since I played in a full game, also I'm jetlagged. I want to get some sleep first!)


HC Biel is set to face the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers on Saturday, a match that is drawing locals in due to the NHL matchup - Seguin will face off against the Lakers' Jason Spezza, who is also expected to play on Saturday. He'll play with Marc-Antoine Pouliot and Jacob MicFlickier, former AHL players from Canada.