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Hitting The Links: Shawn Thornton Appreciation Life Edition

The looks on these fans' faces should tell you everything.
The looks on these fans' faces should tell you everything.

We all love Shawn Thornton, that's not even a question. But on nights like last night, it becomes incredibly apparent why. I mean, really.

In the last 19 years, only six Bruins players had converted on the penalty shot. Probably none of those were shorthanded, though I could be wrong. One was by Ray Bourque, another by Jason Allison, and another by the inimitable Marco Sturm. Now, unbelievably, our fourth line grit-and-guts player gets to add his name to the pile.

So cool. So today, it's all about Sugar Shawn. Deal with it.

Bruins News:

  • Shawn Thornton yells at a Vancouver columnist that hey, no one in Vancouver actually likes anyways. [CSN]
  • Shawn Thornton fights, as usual. Everyone prays that he doesn't severely injure former BFF Mark Stuart. (did this fight seem sort of half-hearted to anyone else? Stu didn't really look like he was trying...) [Youtube]
  • AND THE GOAL. Amazing, flawless, etc. [Youtube]
  • In case you forget or have never seen it, make sure you check out Things Shawn Thornton Has Said. (on twitter: @thorntonsays) [tumblr]