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Public Skate: Happy MLK Day, Now Let's Rage at the NFL

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Seriously, is anybody else as mad as I am that the Pats are in the AFC Championship and the Bruins are at the Flyers and they both start at the exact same time?

Not fun things.

But that's five days away. Or six, if you're good at math. Tonight, the Bruins look to avoid consecutive losses for the first time since December 8th when...they lost to the Panthers.

Florida's faded recently, ceding outright control of first place in the Southeast to the surging Capitals (at 21-14-8, the Panthers are actually below .500, which sort of caught me off guard). The Bruins look to take advantage of that slump and get two more points tonight.

It's a half-hour later than normal, but that just means that we have more time to get lubed up.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend (if you had one). Time to get back to business tonight.

Let's go B's.