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Hitting The Links: Florida In January Edition


Man, it must be great to be a Boston Bruin right now. It's freaking cold in New England but those jerks get to tool around Florida for a couple days, enjoying the sand, sunshine and at least two points. They've got the struggling Lightning on the line tonight, and a Rangers loss combined with a Bruins win would actually catapult the Bruins to the top of the league. Nice.

After the jump, an AHLer gets suspended in the NHL, the Blues are really really ridiculously good, and a mini-prospect report on Dougie Hamilton...

Bruins News:

  • Welcome, Holyhandgrenaid! One of our newest members was kind enough to give us a report on our own Dougie Hamilton the other day. Check it. [SCoC]
  • Did the Hurricanes figure out the How-to guide for beating the Bruins? [THW]
  • Daniel Paille's fight wasn't pretty, but good on him for trying. [Herald]
  • Ex-Bruins played in a fundraiser game in P.E.I. over the weekend. [Journal Pioneer]
  • Bruins Casino Night is coming up in a few weeks! [NESN]
  • Is Patrice Bergeron the biggest NHL All-Star Game snub? Will he get a shot with the slew of recent injuries? [The Sports Jury]
  • Bruins Athletic trainer Don DelNegro is living the dream. [Mass Live]

NHL News:

  • Bruins are still on top of the power rankings, as much as that matters! [TSN]
  • Ryan Miller doesn't think a trade could fix the Sabres. Also, he swears a lot. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Blues are first in the NHL, wooo! (well, they're tied. Still counts.) [PHT]
  • Sidney Crosby's career could actually be in jeopardy. [Journal]
  • Helene Elliott makes the case for why NHLers should participate in the Olympics. [LA Times]