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Hitting The Links: Facing The Devil Edition

Celebrate good times COME ON!
Celebrate good times COME ON!

The Bruins head to the Prudential Center again tonight to take on the New Jersey Devils. Every time they play there I wonder: will the Lets go Bruins chants be audible once again? Or will they be drowned out by the contingent of Nordiques fans that's headed down stateside this time, and hardly a Devils fan in sight? Jack Edwards' call of that game was priceless.

Anyway, after the jump, some thoughts on the Big Two in Nashville, Brian Burke is awesome outside of his job, and the Bruins are ready to welcome back Brad Marchand...

Bruins News:

  • The Bruins are on a bit of a slump, and they're welcoming Brad Marchand back with open arms. [Taunton Gazette]
  • The team needs to wake up; five games in seven days is tough, but they should be ready for the challenge. [Mass Live]
  • Zdeno Chara and Daniel Alfredsson are All-Star Captains this year. [Post]
  • here is an...interesting look at the Bruins' upcoming visit to the White House from our favorite newspaper, the Province. [Province]
  • The Bruins didn't have a game there this year, but Shawn Thornton skated at Fenway anyways. [Community Advocate]

NHL News:

  • Ryan Miller, contrary to popular beliefe, has NOT asked for a trade. [PHT]
  • Brian Burke received an Ally award from PFLAG. Here is his acceptance speech. [Maple Leafs]
  • Alexander Ovechkin is still haunted by Jaroslav video games, too. [Times]
  • Peter Mueller's back and scoring! He got his first goal in 18 months last night. {All Things Avs]
  • Just who is that guy who mocked Dustin Penner with syrup behind the bench? The Royal Half knows. [TRH]
  • Is Ryan Suter more valuable than Shea Weber? [Section 303]
  • The Habs were shut out last night. What exactly is going ON? [Habs Inside/Out]