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HItting The Links: Back Down 95 Edition

Jordan Caron has a road buddy for this trip back to Providence, today! Today he's joined by Steven Kampfer, as the two will appear in tonight's game against Worcester. Sweet. I miss driving that hour and a half down to Rhode Island; I'm sure Caron doesn't miss it at all.

So the Bruins game last night was pretty great. Four goals in the third period brings the Bruins' third period goal differential to something like +38, and their overall goal differential to +71. Yes you can argue that some goals don't count as much as others, and that empty net goals pad that differential and blah blah blah, but the thing is -- you don't get the chance to score empty net goals unless you're winning. ENGs are just as much a factor of success as any other type of goal, I'd argue. FANCY STATS ANNOY ME, OKAY.

After the jump, Chris Pronger isn't doing well, Ryan Miller made a great save, and a case is being made for helmets in warmups...

(also sorry these are late, Girl Scout Cookies go on sale tomorrow and I am SWAMPED with media requests. GO BUY COOKIES. /plug)

Bruins News:

  • Brad Marchand is curious as to why another, very similar example of clipping didn't get punished as hard as his did. [Herald]
  • The Bruins are an important test for the first-place Rangers; the teams square off tomorrow at 1PM EST. [CBS New York]
  • Here are photos from Jeremy Jacobs' trip to NASA with the Stanley Cup yesterday! [Throw the Flag]
  • Shawn Thornton Says: Don't pick Canucks for your All Star Team, Chara. [PHT]
  • Here's a great article about Willie O'Ree, 54 years after his first NHL game. [Yahoo]
  • Boston is truly an all-sports town again; interesting how it fluctuates. [WBUR]
  • Bruins prospect Dougie Hamilton was suspended for 10 games by the OHL this week. [Bullet News]
  • A Vancouver fan with way too much time on their hands made this hilarious video painting the Bruins as PURE EVIL. Bonus points for use of Jon Stewart. [Puck Daddy]

NHL News:

  • The Capitals actually have two good goalies now, and they're welcoming the "controversy." [Times]
  • Because the Blackhawks weren't young enough already, now they have two rookies running around scoring goals everywhere. [CSN Chicago]
  • Check out this sweet save by Ryan Miller. You can count his quality saves on one hand this year. [PHT]
  • Chris Pronger's recovery is not going well. [CSN Philly]
  • After Taylor Hall got hit with a skate in warmups, the Oilers are looking at pre-game player safety, too. [STL Today]